Establishment of companies, trades and business

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ECOVIS ježek law firm provides private clients with advice and sevices on corporate law, trades and business law, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Consultancy includes a wide range of services ranging from simple and routine operations (Czech company formation and sale of Czech ready made companies, routine corporate agenda) to complicated and complex projects with an international element and tax aspects while maintaining maximum time and financial efficiency.

For private individuals, we mainly provide the following advice:

  • establishment and set up of Czech company and sale of Czech ready made company (,
  • registration of companies in the Commercial Register and acquisition of business licenses,
  • holding of general meetings and meetings of other bodies of companies,
  • increase and decrease of registered capital,
  • plans and realization of transformations, restructuring or liquidation of companies issues of joint ventures,
  • Czech stock and option programs,
  • structuring legal relationships between persons within the group

ECOVIS ježek, the Czech law firm can ensure for complex Czech legal advice in company formation and set-up of Czech business for private clients

Mojmír Ježek and other members of the Czech ECOVIS team have extensive experience with provision of top-quality legal services in all aspects of Czech law.

You can reach the responsible partner at the following contact details.

t: +420 226 236 600 | e: